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Although Photoshop offers a great tool for sharpening, lightening, and darkening images, I don’t always use those tools in this book because they are not available in the standard Photoshop program. I suggest you explore those tools in other books.

Photoshop’s interface structure

From Photoshop’s main drop-down menu, you can navigate among its Photoshop Common (basic features), Photoshop Elements (photo editing only), Photoshop Creative (creative features), and Adobe Photoshop Extended (photo editing and video making). (To view the drop-down menus, press the escape key or choose Edit⇒Preferences.)

Figure 1-4 shows Photoshop’s main drop-down menu. It is divided into four categories: Tools, Document, Image, and Filters. Photoshop also includes numerous Photoshop options that pertain to the interface and functionalities of the program (you’ll learn more about these in Chapter 3). These include:

• View menu: Includes File, Window, Image Processor, and Print.

• Layer menu: Includes Layer, Flatten Image, Lock, and Duplicate Layers.

• Tools menu: Contains all the tools you’ve used for image editing up to this point.

• Layers panel: Contains all the layers and selections you have created. You can use the Layers panel to access the Layer menu (described in the preceding bullet) and toggle whether you want to create a new layer or edit an existing one.

You can use the File menu to share images (including your creative projects) via a computer network (if you have Photoshop Creative on a network) or to export your projects to file formats supported by the most common output devices. You can read more about the File menu and its various sub-menus later in this chapter.

Figure 1-4: Photoshop’s main drop-down menu.

A complex menu system, such as the one used by Photoshop, requires time and effort to study and apply. I suggest that you study the menus on a graphics tablet so you can follow each menu’s path more easily.

The Photoshop workspace and Tools panel

When you first launch Photoshop, you’re greeted by a workspace resembling a black screen with a single 1×1 pixel square in the upper-left corner (see Figure 1-5). (You can customize the workspace, as I explain later in this chapter.)

To access any of the options and tools that you need for image editing, you go to the

Adobe Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.1.1) Crack + Full Product Key [Updated] 2022

The program can edit JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP images, as well as combine them. It can automatically create an image format suited to the browser. Additionally, it allows you to connect to social networks and create original images from photos taken from your computer. You can also create images with a gradient or a watermark.

The program automatically edits your photos and makes them good enough to share on social networks. It does not, however, allow you to specify the settings for each image automatically in the editing process, but you can do so manually. There are a few other features you need to know before starting.

What is Photoshop Elements?

Photoshop Elements is an alternative to Photoshop. It allows you to edit images, save them in various formats, and combine them in a variety of ways. The program lets you share your creations online.

The program does not focus on special effects such as burning, but you can obtain the best results by combining three features: automatic retouching, clipping layers and layer masks.


Adobe Photoshop Elements contains an automatic editing feature called “Retouch tool.” This allows you to perform various types of adjustments on your photos.

The “Retouch Tool” offers a choice of a basic or a detailed approach. It can automatically detect areas that need to be adjusted.

Most of the adjustments involve adjustments to the foreground or the background to eliminate unpleasant elements. You can remove wrinkles from skin, remove stray objects from the background, and remove background details.

Retouching Tools in Photoshop Elements

1. Face Masking

The program can remove all unwanted parts of the image, including shadows, wrinkles or any other blemish.

You can also use Photoshop Elements to remove unwanted areas in the image background. The program can remove gray areas in the image, background objects and black areas in the photo.

You can cut or paste the area you wish to adjust in the image, select one area or several and do the background adjustments. Make sure the entire image will not be adjusted, so that everything is not affected.

You can also assign your adjustments to a layer by using the white outlines of the area.

2. Cropping

You can use the program to choose a specific area in an image. You can even select parts of the image that will not be processed, and the image will remain as a whole.

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Add a FileField to the admin page

I am building an app using the FilerField. My idea is that I want to add a file field to one of my admin pages where the user can upload a file. I am not wanting to use a modelfield, however. What is the proper way of adding this onto an admin page in django?


Here’s a slightly simpler way to do it (inspired by
from django.conf import settings
from django.db import models
from django.forms import ModelForm, Textarea

from admin_forms import FileInputForm

class SimpleFileFieldAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
form = FileInputForm

SimpleFileFieldAdmin.register(settings.AUTH_USER_MODEL, SimpleFileFieldAdmin)

The default model admin that django uses isn’t what you want, as it doesn’t support file fields. You get a hint of the status quo by looking at the source of modelform.


How many times can I reset my iPhone?

I recently got a new iphone 4s and I would like to reset it with in-app purchase.
The question is, does the in-app purchase reset count even if I have used it in other app?
What I understand is that in-app purchase is “distinct” and it does not affect the normal process of my app, but what about iTunes? Will it give me some other issues?


From the Apple iTunes store support page:

If your App was installed on a device, you can use your App on that
device again, even after an upgrade.

This means that yes, you can use the app on that device after that it has been deleted. It has nothing to do with your in-app purchase receipt.

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4. Materials and Methods {#sec4-molecules-23-03013}

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