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TeamTalk is a straightforward conferencing application designed to help you keep in touch with colleagues and friends. What sets TeamTalk apart from similar applications is the fact that it is lightweight and easy to configure. Consequentially, you can easily create a group where you can discuss plans for a class reunion as well as a private room, where you can talk about a surprise party for one of your friends for instance.
It is worth mentioning that the developer provides a software development kit for anyone interested in integrating multiple audio and video streams features to their utilities. Dubbed as TeamTalk SDK, the tool enables software developers to easily implement these aforementioned features into the programs they are working on. At the same time, the kit includes a few wrapper classes specifically designed for various frameworks, such as Java, C-API and .NET Framework.
The SDK consists of a client DLL and a standalone server which can be used in both LAN and WAN environments. As a standalone app, the server allows you to operate it similar app and can keep track of the connected clients over LAN and WAN. In fact, the tool can hold up to 1000 simultaneous client, so it is suitable for corporate environments as well.







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The developer of TeamTalk claims that his conferencing application is a mature, powerful and cross-platform solution that is ideal for small to medium sized businesses and companies. Small businesses are often concerned with the amount of time they spend talking to their colleagues, but TeamTalk provides a very realistic solution which is easy to use and costs a very small price tag.
The developer has incorporated a new system to the application which is referred to as MIME Real Time Messenger protocol. The tool is actually based on this protocol and implements the real time multimedia streaming feature. What this means is that you can chat with your colleagues, videoconference with other colleagues or call someone while all of these things are taking place.
The TeamTalk SDK does not implement a dedicated plugin to be used by the developers. This tool is instead designed to work with applications or frameworks that already have their own implementations. While this is a good thing because you will not need to download any additional plugins for the tool. This makes it easier for you to utilize the features TeamTalk offers, and effectively connect to more clients.
The application has a few audio and video codecs available for those who wish to use that feature. For instance, you can use the software to talk to colleagues in real time, with the video codec H.263, which is commonly used in videoconferencing applications. Additionally, it can offer audio codecs such as G.711 u-law and A-law PCM as well.
Installation of TeamTalk SDK:
Once you have acquired the software package from the developer’s official website, you should consider installing the server as well. The TeamTalk server can be downloaded for both Windows and Linux platforms, and the installation is very simple. To do this, you should download the executable file from the developer’s website. Then, you should follow the instructions to install the tool.
Once you have installed the TeamTalk server, you are now ready to configure your client app. The software can run either in single user mode or in multi user mode. However, the multi user mode is recommended because you will be able to record up to 4 users on the system, which is more than enough for most users. Additionally, in the multi user mode, users can listen to each other’s audio. Another important feature of TeamTalk is that it allows you to schedule conferences at a later date, but what is really unique is the ability to enable the app to use a call back feature. This allows

TeamTalk SDK

• Call records
• Text chat and audio file transfer
• Distributed audio file transfer
• Distributed video file transfer
• Group management
• Audience management
• Stats
The TeamTalk SDK can be downloaded from the developer’s site at With a relatively small price tag, the SDK supports both mono and stereo audio and records incoming sound as well as saves tracks.**, 17 (2003) K.S. Novoselov *et al.*, Science **306**, 666 (2004) P. R. Wallace, Phys. Rev. **71**, 622 (1947) C. Berger *et al.*, Science **312**, 1191 (2006) C. Berger *et al.*, J. Phys. Chem. B **108**, 19912 (2004) N. Tombros *et al.*, Nature **448**, 571 (2007) S. De Rossi *et al.*, New. J. Phys. **9**, 74 (2007) J. I. A. Li *et al.*, Nano Lett. **9**, 1495 (2009) H. Suzuura and T. Ando, Phys. Rev. Lett. **89**, 266603 (2002) T. Ohta *et al.*, Science **313**, 951 (2006) A. K. Geim and K. S. Novoselov, Nature Materials **6**, 183 (2007) K. Nakada, M. Fujita, G. Dresselhaus and M. S. Dresselhaus, Phys. Rev. B **54**, 17954 (1996) Y. Zhang *et al.*, Nature **438**, 201 (2005) J. Tworzyd[ł]{}o *et al.*, Phys. Rev. B **76**, 115406 (2007) H. Suzuura and T. Ando, Phys. Rev. Lett. **89**, 266603 (2002) J. Zhang *et al.*, Nano Lett. **7**, 2711 (2007) X. Z. Zhang *et al.*, Nano Lett. **8**, 4723 (2008) S. Moriyama *et al.*, Nano Lett. **8**, 2229 (2008)
* Copyright 2000-2007 JetBrains s.r.o

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• Easy to use –
Using TeamTalk SDK is as easy as 1,2,3. Just load the jar file, replace the dummy text with your media, compile and run the main class. When installed, you will find three desktop shortcuts: TeamTalk – LAN View, TeamTalk – LAN Record and TeamTalk – WAN Record. When you double-click on the shortcut, you will see one of the views that will appear on your desktop:
• Classic TeamTalk –
A classic TeamTalk view, which has a number of buttons and indicators on it: Voice and Video buttons, Name list, Indicator of your status, Call list, Call list of active participants, Audio and Video on/off buttons, Dial with number, Dial with Extension, Send, Listen, Pause, and Stops, and most important – Window Icon. When you click on the Window Icon, TeamTalk opens up a list of people on your local network and the connection information will appear in the address field.
• File Transfer –
A file transfer view which allows you to talk with people who are connecting to a remote server. It comes with an Import button so that you can add new media files.

TeamTalk provides a very powerful universal application that will let you manage your contacts and invitations. It’s not only easy to use, but it also has a very powerful data storage system.
The System Overview
TeamTalk supports contact management, event management, privacy settings and pass-codes. You can invite your contacts to share or grant access to your profile and pictures. Also, you can ban some people and even restrict how they can search through your friends list.
It’s no surprise that TeamTalk has a great application-compatibility with both Windows and Macs. However, it does support other operating systems including Linux and Solaris. Also, it’s available for a number of devices including handheld and portable devices.
TeamTalk Contact Management
TeamTalk provides you with an efficient way to store your contacts’ information. You can store as many as you want, including their contact details, the ones that can connect to your profile and even voice mail. In fact, the application keeps a list of everyone who is connected to your profile, including you.
Using TeamTalk, you can manage your contacts, events, call logs and invitations. Also, you can run a phone directory search or create your own group lists. The Phone Directory is particularly easy and only requires you to

What’s New In TeamTalk SDK?

– Network sessions
– SIP network capabilities
– TeamTalk Server SDK
– Windows clients
– Java clients
– CAPI clients
-.NET clients
– Linux clients
– Windows servers
– Linux servers
TeamTalk Features
– It allows you to choose to connect to the server or act as a standalone application.
– The server can be run as a Windows service, or on a stand-alone Windows process.
– You can set an application-initiated event, which is a command message that starts a conversation.
– You can connect to multiple servers, or to a single server using multiple sessions.
– It supports both audio and video.
– You can view the incoming and outgoing application communication and control it using an advanced view feature.
– You can change the receiving volume level for incoming messages.
– For a single user session, you can mute the microphone, and you can turn off the speaker.
– To keep the UI responsive, and the application stable, TeamTalk uses a client-server architecture.
– A version of TeamTalk is available for Windows Mobile.
– The SDK supports both MPEG-4 and Windows Media Audio (WMA) codecs.
TeamTalk features:
– Sync
– Multiparty
– Video
– Audio
– Streaming
– WMA video
– MPEG-4 video
– Watermarking
– Digitally triggered alarm
– Unicode support
– Image/Music/Video overlay support
– Auto-cut of long messages
– Multi-language
– Selectable Automatic, or Manual DTMF
– Facial analysis
– Voxalizer
– Auto-numbering
– Group management
– Voice and video call history
– External control panel
– Custom screen saver
– Message logging

Talk2 is a voice and video conferencing application developed by Harmonic Solutions. The software is a cross platform based product which allows you to connect with other parties, whether they are in the same room as you or not. The application allows you to connect to one or more participants via the free service and the program also offers a paid service where you can be called by phone and video conferences.
The app presents your files and folders in a gridview and you can drag files in to chat with others. The program is able to connect to both computer users and mobile users.
Now what makes Talk2 a good conferencing solution is the fact that you can set up

System Requirements:

When you open the file, check that the following information is listed on the Summary tab:
Game Version:
Version Code: 1717
System Code:
CPU Usage %: 100
Processor Usage: 7.5
Graphics Hardware: Radeon R9 270X
Game Graphics Driver Version: 13.12
Game Graphics Version: 13.35
OpenGL: 13.30
Memory Usage (MB): 4.2