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Knockout City: Medieval Engineers is the sequel to the hit indie sandbox game, Medieval Engineers. We’re partnering with indie developer, Chucklefish, to release it on PS4 and Xbox One in Q1 of 2017. It will be available on PC later on. It’s a totally different game to Medieval Engineers, but still plays like a Medieval Engineers game. It was built by a new studio of the same talent and passion, and was created with the same kinds of tools that you use. We want to give you what you loved and more!

We’re super excited to be releasing this game with Chucklefish, and thank you for your support! If you love Medieval Engineers, you’ll love Knockout City, so check it out here to get more information!

Watch for us on – we’ll be tweeting and posting videos, and you can check out our progress here:



Not much has happened in Knockout City since Medieval Engineers came out in 2014. The game is actually a totally different game, built with the same tools and technology and created by the same team, with new people in the studio and a completely new project. We think Knockout City will just feel like Medieval Engineers. Really! There’s no new content, but it plays like a Medieval Engineers game, but it’s just as freeform as you want to be.

Key Features:

Freeform Construction with no time limit or stress

A fully open world with both on and off road travel

Create both land and air travel routes with check points and docking stations

Intuitive crafting UI with clear and concise selection of components

Selection of tools to build and destroy your environment

Scout and deploy mines and traps in the wilderness to deter travelers or crush your enemies

Deploy a catapult and explore your environment while raining hellfire down on an unsuspecting enemy

Build a structure out of simple, but architecturally inspiring, shapes

You can build so much and do so much! Modify weapons, structures and vehicles with a simple crafting system that gives you more freedom and depth than ever before

Hidden Features:

Use simple mechanics to create your own tools

Craft your


Features Key:

  • A FREE to PLAY game
  • Two storyline campaign mode and more missions
  • Valentines day event with snowmasks and candy
  • Teamplay. Play with your friends.
  • Speaking of ‘friends’, you can build up a fond relationship with your friends, thanks to our cute friendship system.
  • Many mini-games include random events with rare items
  • You can beat mission when you think about your memories with your partner.
  • 2 great original characters
  • Many more events ahead!
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      “Steel Storm Rising” is the soundtrack to a futuristic military shooter where you join an elite special operations team and embark on a mission to stop a paramilitary terrorist group.
      Thunder Tier One features realistic one-on-one or team-based gameplay with 4 players or AI teammates. Choose your gear and weapon loadouts, issue commands, aim, and shoot accurately to complete your mission objective.
      You can share and compare your progress on Steam Workshop as well as set up server-side replays of each mission. Add your own custom maps and weapons for others to try out.
      Customize your own loadouts with items from weapon racks, which can be placed in each mission. These are the same items and quantities available in game.
      Set in a real-time world,Thunder Tier One’s scenarios are based around an authentic-sounding story driven campaign where you play from the perspective of a paramilitary officer assigned to join an elite special forces unit for the most critical and dangerous mission of your career. “Street Fighter” style button combos and responsive AI make Thunder Tier One the most competitive shooter on Steam.
      A realistic gun handling system coupled with a large selection of weapons and gear gives you incredible freedom in your strategy and gameplay.
      Move with room-scale VR to engage in authentic full-body movement, including crouching, moving around corners and manipulating weapons.
      Thunder Tier One is designed to be played in 4-player co-op, or with AI teammates in solo mode. How much you manage your teammates is up to you.You decide what gear you take into each mission and you can use the shop system to craft your own weapons and armor. Use your weapon and gear loadouts, issue commands, aim, and shoot accurately to complete your mission objective. It’s up to you to make the right decisions at the right time and craft your own loadouts to meet your particular needs. Defend yourself with high caliber handguns, knives, and a massive arsenal of automatic weapons. Shoot through walls and doors for extra firepower. Go full suppressor with IR lasers and NVG’s for a stealthy approach, or go in guns blazing with heavy armor and a backpack full of extra ammo and frags.
      Use your tactical expertise to be successful in four modes of Multiplayer gameplay – Exfil, Advance and Secure, Death Match and Domination. All of which also have PVE and PVP components. About 20 operators (Missions) will be available at launch in Exfil, Advance and Secure, Death Match and Domination.


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