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Mournful Sword is a 2D Action Platformer in the vein of classic games like Shinobi and Strider. I would say that it combines elements of both, as it has both a weapon-based combat system and a distinct point-and-click style of gameplay. But most importantly, it follows a simple idea that allows for a near-infinite amount of replayability, as it is easy to beat every level once and then go back for more, but with the added ability to alter and optimize your gameplay depending on your preferences and skill.
Enemies can be manipulated by the player during combat, giving some slight variations in their attack patterns, allowing for a more strategic approach to combat.
A key feature of the game is the leveling-up system. Players are given the option to level up by defeating enemies or performing quests. Players can choose to focus on damage or on defense.
Upgrades are given as experience points, which can then be spent on different weapons, accessories, or spells.
My Objective In Developing Mournful Sword
On the surface, the game looks fairly simple, but it is in fact very involved, requiring precise control over its system, as the player can fall into a death loop if not careful.
I wanted to create a game that is simple to play, but with deep, challenging combat and goal-oriented gameplay. I wanted the player to be able to play a section of the game once and then return for as long as they liked, while at the same time being able to challenge themselves to increase the number of kills and beat the previous high-score.
Balance is key to this gameplay, as it requires precise control over it. As such, I have given the player the ability to slow down or speed up the game by selecting the game speed setting.
A final point to make here is that there are no real options to adjust the gameplay, as the game is meant to be played on the highest difficulty.
I hope you enjoy playing the game, which has been a labour of love for over four years.
(10/21/2019 – UPDATE: I have updated the game with a new release. Go to the Downloads section below to get your copy!)
– Rhen.
8/11/2018 – Release Version 2.1 Added a graphical element to the audio feedback when performing combos, as well as modified the game speed to allow for more accurate play (via settings).
7/24/2017 – Release Version 2.0 Added


Baseball Mogul 2018 Features Key:

  • Play as an anthropomorphic “Cowgirl” and travel through 29 levels of air, spacecraft, toasters, and other puzzles.
  • 9 unique, action-packed missions to complete
  • A fun adventure filled with enemies, item boxes, and a hostile alien landscape
  • Improve your skill by overcoming obstacles and defeating enemies
  • Go anywhere and discover an incredible environment teeming with life and energy in space
  • Space Mavericks includes all 9 missions available in the iOS version
  • Supports single- and multiplayer
  • Dynamic environments that require players to dodge AI enemies, reach goals, and destroy enemy drops.
  • Enemy AI size and behavior, difficulty, and reward changes over time as you complete missions.
  • Optional countdown blocks to increase the challenge
  • Local multiplayer via Apple TV or Ad-Hoc matchmaking

Space Mavericks single player

Mission 1 – Space Missions game play video:
Space Mavericks Single Player Mission 1 Footage

Mission 2 – Space Missions game play video:
Space Mavericks Single Player Mission 2 Footage

Space Mavericks Overview

  • Brand new team of space cowgirls, Master Of Space Missions.
  • Explore 29 Space Missions across 9 Space Missions unique environments.
  • Explore the dazzling, colorful environment teeming with life and energy in space.
  • Dodge enemies, accomplish goals, and defeat them with your strategic moves.
  • Exclusively for iPhone users on iOS 9, a new way to play by supplying players with challenges, goals, obstacles, enemies, and rewards.
  • iOS Developer must be enrolled in this Kickstarter Campaign to acquire the waivers for publishing.


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Spaceships, as we know, are the fastest moving objects in the Universe. All Starships are known for their breathtaking speed, up to the speed of light. They also have a huge capacity of cargo, the ships are frequently used for movement of equipment to other planets. Spaceships were the first achievement of mankind on the planets in the Cosmos.
The story of these ships is full of thrilling events. Sometimes they face unexpected difficulties which require fast reactions.
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GAMEPLAY FEATURESAwesome Machine is a puzzle game inspired on the award-winning “The incredible Machine”. Discover what it takes to be a scientist and build awesome contraptions with simulated real physics using trampolines, balls, explosives and much more.

Recent Reviews: Great Game… This game was an amazing journey for me. It had so many puzzles. To have gone through 50 levels with so many characters, elements and challenges was amazing. I would give it an “A+” rating. The artist did an amazing job!

Recent Reviews: High replay value? This game was an amazing journey for me. It had so many puzzles. To have gone through 50 levels with so many characters, elements and challenges was amazing. I would give it an “A+” rating. The artist did an amazing job!Gueyaret

Gueyaret (also spelt Gwayaret) is a Senegalese artist of Soninke descent.

Gueyaret was born on 18 September 1957 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast (now in the city of Abidjan, Ivory Coast, the capital of Côte d’Ivoire).

In 2006, he released a mix CD called “Mieurs Gueyaret”, which was voted in the top 40 mixes in the journal Mixmag.

In 2013, he created a video for the song “Mieurs Gueyaret” which was included in the French-Senegalese project “La vie à travers les œuvres” (The life through the works). The video is on exhibit in the Hôtel de Ville (town hall) of Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Gueyaret lives in Dakar, Senegal.

2006: « Mieurs Gueyaret » (« Gentlemen Gueyaret ») (

2013 : “La vie à travers les œuvres”


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