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Those who have been following the Kostka saga during 2015 will know by now that they are the strongest clan in the SSG. They have had the perfect couple of seasons. Half the teams in the league have been playing limited formats and most of them haven’t seen that Kostka lineup in awhile.

This is a perfect opportunity for them to show what they can do. They have the personnel and experience to do it. They know how to play a game and how to win games, and this is the time. They are the best team in the league in my mind.

Looking at this team, we have an incredible team that has grown together. You have to give Maciej a huge “thank you” for taking his team and making them a great team. They knew that they needed a psychologist, a defender and a goal keeper and they got those things. They also got a player who plays as if he was five years older then he really is.

This team is strong and they have a sense of togetherness and a winning attitude. They will not dissapoint, regardless of their opponent.

Oddly, this is the first time that I will be giving this team a perfect score. It is not that they are not worthy of perfect score – they deserve to be the best in the league; they are. It just feels a little cruel.

During the second Kostka performance (vs Regente), we saw a whole new team. They were a completely different team that was playing with a lot of confidence. They were dominating from the beginning and they kept that momentum until the end.

They played really well together, but I’m a little surprised they didn’t allow even more goals than the three that they did. It’s not that I think they shouldn’t get at least that many more, it’s just that the defense and goalkeeper was keeping a healthy line between goals.

The defense looked solid and good physicality on the backline and especially the goalkeeper, who is one of the best in the league. It looks like he improved a lot during the season, and it shows in his gameplay.

The Kostka story will be continued in the following matches.


But we are betting that this score is going to change. We have the best line-up in the league that is solid all-around.


Darkzone: Idle RPG Features Key:

  • Challenging rail shooter
  • UNLIMITED CO-OP available across ALL the game modes
  • A TURN BASED Multiplayer GAME for up to 4 players
  • CORE Singleplayer Training Mode
  • Ska video to accompany the game with more.
  • Gamepad support!


Darkzone: Idle RPG (Updated 2022)

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Procedurally Generated Worlds – Rock 3 can generate any planet you want. In terms of the core, mantle, tectonic plates, ocean, atmosphere, and life, you can add or remove any one.
Modify and fine tune with over 15 presets
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Export to Unity, Terragen, and Celestia
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Elevation and Heat will deform the crust of the planet, allowing you to control how the continents are created.
Objective Based World Design
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Build and Explore the World
Use your mouse to place rocks to create landscapes, islands, or mountains. You can also dynamically change the planet’s rotation by manipulating the axes.
Save your World
Export to PNG and Equirectangular formats to use in Unity, Terragen, and Celestia, and to help you to create maps. There is also a web app available.
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Darkzone: Idle RPG

Horizontal Scrolling – Featuring both vertical scrolling and horizontal scrolling to create a fast paced feel.
Dynamic Game Environments – Watch out for the changing weather and environmental hazards along the way as well as enemy fighter aircraft.
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The fast-paced, arcade-style vertical-scrolling plane battles of AWA (Aircraft Warfare Arcade) are back! Aircraft Warfare is a fast-paced action game and the sequel to AWA (Aircraft Warfare Arcade) that brought you the AWA (Aircraft Warfare Arcade) series of shoot-em-up games. AWA (Aircraft Warfare Arcade) 2 features three game modes, nine levels, and aircraft from a few different eras from world war II and beyond. Gameplay:
Short and sweet – Get to the action. Horizontal scrolling action against a good time. Its back!
3 game play modes

AWA (Aircraft Warfare Arcade) is a fast paced aerial shoot-em-up game. Make your way through nine levels on three different maps and try to defeat the final boss at the end of the game. Each level has its own unique environment and hazards. Watch out for trees that will slow you down, mines that can damage you and homing missiles coming your way. These can all hurt you.
The AWA (Aircraft Warfare Arcade) is a fast paced shoot-em-up game. The player’s goal is to destroy the bad guy located at the end of each stage. There are three difficulty levels,…

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What’s new in Darkzone: Idle RPG:

    /Broken Ranks


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    Rank Score Definitions

    Ideal Rank Score

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  • Neck Snapped = %99999
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