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Nancy Drew and her friends are back, and this time they’re in England to solve the mystery of a missing diamond. In a creepy abbey, they solve a missing sculpture puzzle and discover new evidence. They then spy on the wicked Duke of Whiffington and his accomplices to see how they’re planning to steal the Duchess’s priceless diamond necklace. With each clue they gather, Nancy builds on what she’s learned and gains valuable information to use in all of her cases in the field.
Highly interactive storyline with plenty of mystery and intrigue
Animated sequences show Nancy’s progression through the game
Fully narrated dialogue and voice-overs
Card art perfect for use on the game board
Use of the Nancy Drew Outfit
Use of an interactive map
Detailed character portraits
Tons of items, objects, and people
Spy on the wicked Duke and his accomplices
Place items on the map and view them through the map tool
Easily scan objects in the quest
Find the clues
Solve the puzzles
Additional hints
Diagonal clues
Card art to go with the quest
Title card
Nancy Drew Item Card
Fully narrated dialogue and voice-overs
Use of an interactive map
Use of the Nancy Drew Outfit
– The Adventure Extends in All Directions! –
The game board is a 24-pt. grid with a colored background, which represents a particular area in England. The game board will be used to display additional maps, letters, and icons to help players solve the puzzles in the quest.
– Turn the Cards Forward –
Interactive map markers are placed on the game board to show how the game plays out. The start, finish and key points of the quest are outlined and can be used for easy navigation.
– Added Difficulty Levels –
The game has been designed to be easy enough for the casual player to enjoy and challenging enough for the seasoned mystery fan to enjoy.
– Enter the Treasure Hunt –
The game is fully narrated and places players in the middle of a gripping mystery that is sure to have them on the edge of their seat until the game is over!
– Special Features –
Use of the Nancy Drew Outfit
Use of an interactive map
– Developer Interview –
– Age Recommendation –
8 and up
– Gamescom 2012 Press Release –
Press Release –
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Dreadful Shadows Features Key:

  • Enter the beautiful world of Valhalla
  • Battle powerful enemies using a variety of weapons and magic
  • Find yourself trapped in a procedurally generated maze called “The Chaos Labyrinth” and navigate your way out
  • Defeat bosses to acquire their weapons
  • Discover the strengths and weaknessesalves of the Dark Rose by using over 30 enemies
  • Discover new skills as you progress
  • We’ve also added a number of extra features and bonus content
  • Key Features:
    Welcome to the Valkyriealves and giant battles where the lives of your fellow heroes hang in the balance. In a gorgeous and twisting landscape, a curse has befallen the land, threatening the world and your people. If the heroes succeed in their quest, their efforts will lead to a new and bright -vale.

    You and your fellow heroes are surrounded by countless enemies.

    • Explore a procedurally generated dungeon
    • Gain experience as you and your entire party of heroes battle powerful enemies
    • Explore a mixture of pre-rendered visuals with real-time graphics as your favorite heroes battle it out in the lords’ arena
    • Collect powerful new equipment as you explore and battle
    • Take on an endless challenge with waves of tough enemies in The Chaos Labyrinth

    Technical features

    • Genre of the Year -Defiance: Original French Valagardy Enhanced Edition Max Speed Fixing OCR Correction Multiplealves
    • Genre of the Year -Condemned 2- Have Your Own Prostitute Fixed OCR Correction Figures of Your Little Companion Mixed in Again Because She’s Our Biggest Fan
    • Genre of the Year -Defiance: Original French Valagardy Enhancedalves
    • Gen of the Year -The Third Birthday- Let’s Bring Lots of Chooses in From PS1 Games
    • Gen of the Year -Jak II- Items and Dragonsalves Added
    • Genre of the Year -Jak II- Sometimes Alves


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      In the small, quiet town of Rosewood, things are heating up.
      Something strange has been happening to people. We, as newlyweds, are the victims of the most diabolical, terrifying and deadly curse that many of us will ever experience.
      I dare you to walk the path of fear and death with me, to learn the terrible secrets of the past – and discover the present – to help our classmates and family, who are in danger of being drained of their blood and minds.
      A terrifying journey of discovery awaits.
      – Full and complete character development.
      – Easy gameplay and navigation.
      – Over 50 interactive events which come to life in the shadows.
      – Compete in the player vs. player mode and fight your way through 20 levels of Horror.
      – Stunning visuals, crisp environment and a creepy atmosphere.
      – Full voice acting and original music.
      – Beautiful and easy to navigate 3D environment.

      System requirements:


      OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP

      Processor: 1.6 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo / 1.8 GHz

      Memory: 1 GB RAM

      Graphics: Compatible with DirectX 9.0/DirectX 10

      DirectX: Version 9.0

      Hard Drive: 20 GB free

      Additional Notes: It is recommended to have a minimum of Windows 7, as Windows XP is no longer supported.


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      What’s new:

      When I first received the Hunter in March, I must admit that I was extremely impressed with it. However the Hunter was not just an eye catcher, it was also very well made and very good to use.

      Now after 1 month, things have changed a bit. The Hunter has grown on me, but also the need to replace it with a more modern more compact design is rising.

      Being essentially a shooter, a mod in the camera department would be my preference over a weapon.

      My first tracker in the Hunter was an MX-1, which despite its downsides, was working well and certain aspects worked well.

      My reasoning for selecting the MX-1 is not because it was cheap. Because the Hunter will be my new main tracker for my most important ones, I feel the hunter is enough (and therefor probably overkill) and I’m not a budget fan.

      What prompted this mod is the need for a compact and modern design. The MX-1 is a nice small and feature rich tracker, however it lacks ergonomics and is uncomfortable to wear in the long run.

      The Hunter comes with removable GS2 body panels, however I am not considering a model with those panels, and hence that is my requirement.

      My current favorite (and would maybe be my mod of choice too) from the small rifle lineup is the SPII. Also the SPII is made in Portugal and is doable on a lot lower price (and with a lot less tax and customs) than the Hunter or Hunter HE.

      Note: Itemizing the features doesn’t mean I like each one of them. It is simply my rough guide while looking over the features.

      Body: This is where the most relevant changes and improvements are:

      – The gasketing for the battery bay/s is done in a more robust and thus leak proof way.

      – The top of the camera body is now different. I think this is a nice looking change.

      – The design is now black like the GS2, which is a welcome change after seeing the greyish body color of the Hunter HE.

      – The top of the camera now is a rubberish (pimped) texture instead of a plain plastic to cover the plain upper surface of the GS2 body of the CE unit. Actually this is somewhat bad, but easily remedied.

      Inside and back:

      – The lens is now coated in 2


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      One man. One destiny. One city.
      Two hours before the clock strikes midnight, a strange cackle echoes through the dead streets of Falcon City. A frantic blaze erupts on top of the record setting casino. A kidnapping has taken place, and the crime scene detectives are already hard at work, but nothing seems to be what it seems.
      Now you must unravel the clues and discover who and what are behind this nightmarish doomsday scenario. A fate vie with the police, the boy genius, a kidnapped finance minister and the legendary gangster, Octavius Clothespin will depend on you to solve this case.
      Explore the rough streets of the urban jungle, and meet a cast of interesting characters – some helpful, some dangerous, and some that are just plain weird. Find clues and solve puzzles to advance your investigation, then discuss it with other members of the police force to gain new insights. Choices you make on the way help shaping the story, and you might even find romance on the way if you play your cards right.
      This is not a re-make of Hotline Miami 2. There are no multipliers, there are no gunplay at any time and there are no revenge based killers.
      Due to the tongue in cheek nature of the game and the stylized style of the art, any reference to others is unintentional.
      Key Features:
      – A point and click adventure with every good thing!
      – A game with everything that makes the genre great!
      – Animated art, hand drawn characters and environments
      – Original soundtrack and voice acting!
      – Multiple endings based on your decisions and performance!
      – Point and Click game without movement, and with full voice acting!
      – Un-cut Director’s cut of a motion comic style movie with about 20 hours of animation!Q:

      Show a message every X seconds

      I’m trying to implement a simple “timer” that displays a message every 30 seconds. The timer should have a reset button to stop the message display. I hope it is clear.
      I’m using a Windows Forms Application with C# 4.0.
      private void timer1_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e)


      Check out System.Timers.Timer. It will let you schedule a timer to occur repeatedly at a given interval.
      The interval is specified in milliseconds, with 1 millisecond equaling


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    • Fill up the user name and password, then install.
    • Run it as administrator, open with NSIS or just double click on install script and enjoy it.

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