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Tank Battle: East Front is the best of the turn-based online strategy games to engage in a wide range of wargames such as WW2, Cold War or medieval battles.
Battle with a number of real tanks in a number of different modes.
Task your own tank battalion to a series of challenging missions.
Fully historically accurate, and with a huge number of different maps and real tanks to play with, the only thing that can possibly keep you from having fun is a lack of time.
You can play the game for one hour without having to reload the map or start again.
The most realistic tank wargames to date.

From the makers of Battle: 1944, hit the action in Tank Battle: World War II. The first Battle game to allow you to play against your friends and other players, Tank Battle: World War II features all of the historical vehicles and weapons that saw action in the real world on both sides of the conflict, and features two distinct play styles. The game’s core mechanics have been developed to ensure that Battle: World War II is both fast-paced and accessible for both casual and tactical players. The game allows you to play as both the Allied and Axis armies, with historical and random maps, and develops your strategy and tactics by offering both a global and tactical view of the game and the option to zoom-in on a single tank in order to command it directly. Battle: World War II features a wealth of stats and data for each unit; over 50,000 stats ranging from a unit’s capability, health, endurance, speed, ammo capacity, weapons, crew and morale, and a whole host of details about an unit’s battle history. Those who want to know more about one of their units in particular can find the stats on the unit in the Battle: World War II training exercise. Your units aren’t just stats, though, and you can use them to your advantage. Battle: World War II will spawn you as a commander in the battlefield and let you send your units out to explore, exploit and attack. Each of the game’s conflicts includes 3 campaigns, each with multiple levels and the ability to play as either the Allied or Axis forces, with randomly generated maps and historical vehicles. A dual-screen control method lets you control the game from both the landscape map and the units map, whilst allowing you to take in the spectacular and varied battlefields in all their glory.

Rumble Fighter Battle is


Features Key:

  • All Ages
    Easy control system
  • Simple and smart AI, challenge you, but not to death
  • Character for complete role-playing game
  • Sex scene, advance to play “The Cathouse” (optional)
  • Precise details of the gameplay of pleasure satisfaction.
  • Fine detail of the applied cartoon art style.
  • Many variations and custom things to make it even a more funny and extreme game.
  • About the Game Producer

    Love!Life Mobile is the android game that show the comedy and relationship between two people’s life. You play together as a married couple, you’re there to make your own children, face divorce and separation too.

    Content is not endorsed by the respective owners. Please make sure that you are 18 years or older to play this game. Do not use the game to take part in illegal activities.


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    We are working hard to find a new home for this game. In the meantime we are working to try to keep it online as long as possible.

    If someone is interested in the game, send us a link to your copy (No steam keys please) with your name and where you live.

    Emma ZanzingerFootball QB | Soccer | RepublicanEpisode 11 – March 2016: Interview with “The Game” (Andrew)
    Andrew and I talk about his conception, design and release of “The Game” – a game where I killed the mouse button from your left hand and changed it to W – you then play as the childlike frog Boing, and the mouse is an old and wise Boing, and this is hosted on
    Thanks to Reddit user /u/AndrewGames for the interview!
    Visit for more fun games and discussion!


    RIFF VR Download [Win/Mac]

    Dodge into a fight and weapons lash out. Shake free, dash, and cling to walls while gunners tear into the enemy. Leap into the spotlight and unleash your combo skills, depleting weaker foes to rack up even more damage.
    “Killer Instinct” has dropped you in the middle of it all, bringing years of exciting combat gameplay directly to console for the first time. Defeat your enemies in a variety of dynamic 2.5D arenas ranging from traditional arenas, to vertical locations, to asymmetrical environments. As your skills grow you’ll master the intricacies of each stage, including dodging projectiles and dealing with your enemies’ attacks.
    Who said Killer Instinct couldn’t run on the Nintendo Switch™ console? Killer Instinct builds upon the overall experience and tradition of the franchise, offering a fresh new experience for players on the go with exhilarating gameplay and beautiful graphics.
    -Use breakdancing, parkour, & acrobatics to beat incoming attacks and avoid damage.
    -Substitute moves for upgraded weapons and skills.
    -Maintain combos for additional attacks.
    -Poke, pull, and strike with your weapon in a variety of directions.
    -Assemble a variety of abilities, weapons, and skills in order to bring out your style and dominate enemies.
    -2.5D world
    -Versatile and diverse mechanics including wall-running, gymnastics, and acrobatics
    -Upgradable weapons
    -Unlockable moves, weapons, and music
    -Dynamic camera and backgrounds
    -Switch between 2.5D gameplay on the ground,
    -and another gameplay where the arena morphs into first-person
    -Move the camera to take your enemies out of
    -their “comfort zone”
    -Snap to the map and dodge projectiles
    -Work through the entire game campaign
    -Play arcade and SNES® difficulty modes
    -Play as female and male characters
    -Play as Killer Instinct 2’s iconic characters
    -Explore the multiverse and experience
    -the Killer Instinct experience on a console for the first time
    Supported Platform: Nintendo Switch
    Nintendo Switch Online Membership (Subscription)
    Internet Connection (Required for Download Play and Online Play)
    Wi-Fi Connection
    Memory Card (50 MB or greater)
    Killer Instinct PS4® – Standard Edition Recommended:
    Supported Platform: Nintendo Switch


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    Checking if we had a car game in Steam, we were not disappointed!In this space-platform, the player must clear the planet and defeat the aliens invaders with the best car of your team. To do this, the player will have to travel through different obstacles in a space. The game features several missions, including: invasion of invaders aliens, clearing the area from obstacles, escort. Other actions include: search for obstacles, collect items, capture aliens. You may destroy obstacles, block way for aliens. Play car games and escape from the army of angry aliens.Real time 3D graphics with a good performance. Each obstacle and character has unique graphics. Reach your goals by overcoming all odds.Upgrade your car, upgrade and protect it from alien attacks. The game has a good interface for the player and makes the most of the technical possibilities of each device, including tablets and smartphones.Play a series of fun, simple and quick missions, reach your goals and get bonus points for good driving. Kill enemies, clear obstacles and avoid being destroyed by the others. Fight the alien invasion, clear obstacles and get bonuses for good driving. Hints are provided by the in-game menu, which also allows for customization.If you are planning to play car games or driving simulator with some friends, check out what this game has to offer: Multiplayer mode. The game can be played offline, but we also have online modes for you. For players who like to play car games with friends, we can recommend the game of a friend. In this case, everyone has their own car and the game can be played in different modes.Realistic sound effects. Realistic 3D sound and music during gameplay. Performance: The game runs on many platforms: PC (Windows 7 and 8, 10, and above), Android, iOS and Linux. Iphone and Samsung galaxy S7. Average of 1-3 players.Game Store game control. You can also customize control buttons for your phone or tablet. You can also set up a specific game control to a combination of left and right swipe of buttons. If you change game controls, you must change game settings. The game is currently available in English and Spanish languages. Please note that the game is now available in Spanish for Android, iOS and PC, and in English for Android.In conclusion, my opinion of this game is very good. The playability and the graphics are absolutely worthy of the brand. You have to play it to learn more. We suggest that you download and play this game, if


    What’s new in RIFF VR:

    PC Game Free Download

    Gnomes Garden 2 PC Game Download

    The second installment of the much-hyped action RPG continues the same quest as the previous title but sets itself apart with superior gameplay and loads of improvements, tweaks, and freatures. The game is available for free download from its official site and it also comes with full premium access.

    The game combines the E Legend Action RPG and Adventure genre, offering difficulty gradient for all levels, full freedom to play the game in a way that you see fit, and to customize your characters to suit your playstyle. You will quest around various node bridges, barrows, and mysterious lands as a team of gnomes to seek out the source of the mysterious and strange phenomena that suddenly have been plaguing the land. Other than that, you will enjoy the gameplay alongside incredible graphics.

    The game also makes use of the RPG Maker engine which basically means that you can create your own fantasy world or choose from a variety of preset worlds offered with the game.

    The Game Story

    A Mysterious Thing is Happening

    Are the stars aligned or is there something more to these troubles? There’s a sudden and unexplained wave of extraordinary events happening now that might have dire consequences. Your journey will take you along the “nodes,” whereby multiple player-run nodes join together into a forest called the Forest of the Ancients. The Forest is the home of Denpa, and its residents are a cheerful and compassionate race of people.

    However, a betrayal from a closely related race of Demons has caused Denpa to be plagued with powerful and strange Demigods called monsters.

    You and Your Party Member

    You are part of a team of Gnomes, who are small and intelligent tree dwelling magical beings. Each of your members has a special ability that they naturally wield and can unleash at any time!

    Hero: Your character’s main focus is defense and has the ability to equip and use protective magic of various kinds.

    Quakefinder: Your character is able to find Nodes from a distance! She can equip items that enable her to find the most-powerful nodes possible!

    Revealer: Your character has the power to teleport at high speed! She can grab and drag any object and pull people back to her!

    Detective: Your character’s party includes a hierology of monsters and you can identify monsters by their attacks by consulting a monster encyclopedia.



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    Life and death: every day, robots take over the world and all of humanity is threatened. Does it take a lone band of fearless freedom fighters to save the world from oblivion, or will it take an army of sadistic toy soldiers?

    In a world full of deadly robots, you must choose the side of evil or good. Play as an army of terminator-like robots called “Z-2Ms” (Z-2 First for Mars) who will attempt to thwart your human foes’ plans for a global brainwashing initiative.

    Also play as a band of fearless freedom fighters called the Reds who will attempt to uncover the robots’ sinister plot for world domination. You will work cooperatively to take down the enemy in this one-of-a-kind cyberpunk shooter.

    Build strong forces, take them out, and watch them explode in a satisfying blast for the victory!

    This game is a natural extension of the mission to the development team, and we hope you like it.

    What’s in the Box:

    Army Of Terminators (1.5GB)

    Red Forces (1.2GB)

    Mech Factory (0.7GB)

    Soundtrack (0.5GB)

    Operation Three Moons (0.8GB)

    Re-releasing of the Battlezone II package

    Pre-load function

    Previously, the publisher has stated that Activision would be a part of THQ’s financial statement. They told investors that if the sale of THQ assets were completed, then the remaining parts of the company would be evaluated with Activision, along with other interested buyers. Activision was one of the six companies that paid to acquire THQ.

    THQ has a computer game publishing license with Activision. In 2004, Activision and Blizzard acquired THQ for about $550 million.

    In May 2009, THQ announced it would acquire several video game-developer studios and publishing entities, including the extremely-successful South Park franchise.

    THQ released their FY 2010 results, and last night, they cut their workforce by 5 percent. They also made their P&L in a worse-than-expected position.

    THQ, according to their financial report, had a revenue of $683.9 million, a loss of $51.3 million, and a net income of $62.8 million. The company sold their assets to game giant Activision-Blizzard


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    System Requirements:

    Click on the Resolution tab, and then click on Customize. Next, click on the Display tab, and then click on Customize. Next, click on the Resolution tab, and then click on Use Custom Display Settings. Scroll to the right until you see the option Select as Display Output. Then, click on Select as Display Output. Next, click on the Video tab, and then click on Customize. Next, click on the Quality tab, and then click on Customize. Next, click on the Playback tab, and then click on Customize. Next, scroll to