Yandere Simulator Nude Mods ((HOT))

Yandere Simulator Nude Mods ((HOT))


Yandere Simulator Nude Mods

Yandere Simulator Mod

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On this episode of the Hitbox Electrify podcast, we welcome to the show, Connor. We talk about his unique perspective on. Yandere Simulator Mod – Yande Simulator YandeSimulator.
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Monday, March 29, 2011

Hardly worked

Thursday, March 18, 2011

Family is the most important thing ever!

Remember the movie ‘Meet the Parents’ with Ben Stiller? You will if you are a big fan of the Disney channel. 🙂 My kids are obsessed with that and I find it hysterical.

Today, I walked in the door from work and they all immediately yelled to me, “Daddy, look at the Disney channel!”

Tina, my little one, is 7 and loves watching this movie. On the movie, the daddy drives their oldest kid to baseball practice and then picks him up. After he gets off the phone with me, he gets out to go get the kid and the dad meets him on the baseball field.

I can hear Tina yelling at the top of her lungs, “Daaaaaaadddy! Where’s his baseball buddy?” I’m laughing and right away, the kids are right behind me.

After the dad gets in the car, the kid wants to go back and the dad says, “What if he needs to pee?” “Daaaaadddy!” They are shouting and then they start to look through the car.

“Where’s his baseball buddy? Where’s his baseball buddy?”

Then I hear Tina, “Daddy, why didn’t you bring the dog, too?”

I was cracking up.

Then Joey, who is 5, asked me what the daddy did with the dog.

I didn’t know if it was hilarious or if I was starting to worry that I was losing my mind.

I think I am starting to lose my mind.

This is totally not the first time. Earlier, I was talking on the phone and they were begging me to watch the movie.

I’m having trouble watching any movie right now. For example