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Accessing parent object from nested children properties

I’m trying to access the csv file of a WriterInfo object.
I am using the following method:
ScriptProperties.PropertyNames = {“Author”, “Name”, “Title”}

ScriptProperties.PropertyNames is a public static readonly property that contains the property name of the CSV file.
Then I use:

to access the properties of the MainWriterInfo object.
I finally want to access the CSV file of the MainWriterInfo object and then read its properties.
So, in order to read the properties of the CSV file I’m using:
int Index = ScriptProperties.PropertyNames.IndexOf(Content.filename);

IEnumerable.IndexOf(String) retuns the index of the next string to be searched in the collection of strings, if the current string is not found the retun is -1.
Now I want to write a method that returns the content of the CSV file.
public string writeTextProperty(String pName)
string sResult = String.Empty;

int Index = ScriptProperties.PropertyNames.IndexOf(Content.filename);
while (Index!= -1)
sResult += ScriptProperties.PropertyNames[Index] + “=” + Content[Index].toString();
Index = ScriptProperties.PropertyNames.IndexOf(Content.filename);

return sResult;

I dont know the value of the pName parameter. Maybe if I change the parameter then I could think to write a method for each property that I want to write into the CSV file. But maybe is there any simpler way?
To sum up:
To access to the properties of the Main