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Roblox is an online virtual world designed for building custom games, known as “Blocks,” and playing existing games written by other users. Although the platform started out as a dedicated gaming platform it has expanded into additional platforms, including trivia and role-playing games, and several games have been ported to other platforms. Players can create their own games using a point-and-click interface by either composing predefined “Blocks” or creating custom Blocks. Existing user-created games can be played by others by visiting their “skins,” “Themes,” or “Versions” on the Roblox website. Since its release, the platform has become popular with children, who are eager to create their own games with friends and family, and also feature heavily in the video game industry.
The platform was created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in San Mateo, California on April 28, 2004 and released as an open beta on November 21, 2006. It is developed and distributed by Roblox Inc.

Blockly, the programming language used to code user-made games, was originally released as a free online tool for teaching programming to children, and it was later adapted for use in creating games by modifying its programming language.[4] The company now allows anyone to freely learn to make games and software in the Blockly language, and it provides a free app for teaching programming to children.
In January 2015, Roblox updated the Blockly language to include a visual programming language. This visual programming language allowed developers to program their games with drag-and-drop components and made it simpler for children to create their own games.[5] In 2016, Roblox acquired the developer Daybreak Game Company, developers of a popular free-to-play online game, Battleheart. The acquisition also marked the beginning of Roblox’s Game Engine. Later in 2016, the game publisher Gree Games acquired ownership of Roblox’s Impuls[citation needed] virtual pet series.
In December 2016, Imangi Studios released a pilot study stating that children were using Roblox as their primary platform to communicate, play and interact with their friends.[6] In July 2017, Roblox acquired New World Interactive, developers of the popular free-to-play shooter game, Sad Robots, for an undisclosed amount.[7] It is also the first collaboration of the two companies.[8] In January 2018, the developer Eon Interactive obtained the license of the Dots video game


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Latest news

iOS users had requested for an update for quite a while now. Apple finally started rolling it out for them. The new update went live today. This update brings the mobile game to the latest version at 1.0.1. Here are some of the changes and changes that it brings to those who have updated their iOS game.

The first new feature that it brings is the new card set. Well, not really a new feature but just a new set. The developers have decided to make it so that gamers don’t have to keep changing the set constantly. The card set they’ve made will carry over between all the games the player plays. This should save them a lot of time.

Another feature that it brings is the ability to switch the Battle Gear. The new Battle Gear will now allow for more control. Players can now choose from different types of weapons. This means that if they’re not satisfied with the weapon type they’re using, they don’t have to keep changing it. It can also improve their gaming experience as they’ll know what they’re facing so that they can better prepare for that. The team’s been listening to the player’s feedback and that’s why the new Battle Gear was added.

In addition to that, the players now have more control over their Garage. The options for more control is the number of characters in the garage. This is meant to allow for more customization. Instead of having to go to the Battle Gear to change their character, they can simply press on the Battle Gear and change it. Also, players will now also have the ability to create their own custom menu page. They can easily switch between games and settings.

Lastly, the new Battle Gear was added. As mentioned earlier, the Battle Gear is meant to make it easier for the player to switch weapons. It also has options for different types of weapons.

Android users also have reason to rejoice. The update went live too. This update brought an update to the Android game. The Android update brought some improvements to the features for their Android games.

New card set

Battle Gear

Improved menu options

Several bugs were fixed.

What else is new

Play with the Battle Gear

Level transfer

Work on the Battle Gear

It was first


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About us

Roblox is an online playground where kids of all ages can safely interact, play, and have a good time together.
Our team creates games and experiences that we hope you and your kids will enjoy, and we create these apps to make a better experience for you in every way. Some of our stories, games, and apps are about friendship, growing up, relevant issues like bullying, and different types of families.Q:

Submitting an empty form and checking request.body

Sometimes empty forms should be submitted with an empty request body.
I have always done it with the request.body.readlines() method, but that generates a RequestEntityWithContentLengthHeaderBadHttpMessageException when the body is null.
I want to make my API compliant, but I am not sure of how to check if the body is empty before trying to read it.
My thoughts are to use the following conditions:
if hasattr(request, ‘body’):

but that still gives the exception.
The problem is, in the second line I make a RequestEntityWithContentLengthHeaderBadHttpMessageException. Is there some way to not have this, or some other way to check if the body is empty?


You can simply check request.body and the content is not present:
request.body is None or == 0

Thursday, 23 February 2011

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