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I’m trying to use some WebGL shaders in my product page, but I keep getting a 404 error. I’ve compared the html on the page, with the html I got from the inspector tool, and also gotten the pages from different browsers. The only two pages that are different are pages that use code that also use a script (scripts/vmap.js). Is there anything I can do to optimize or debug these pages? Or maybe it’s a problem with my WebGL setup. It’s the only application I’ve installed that’s close to the point where I think it would cause this, and I’m not really sure where to start.

Edit: to clarify, this only happens on the home page, not when I link to or from any other page on the site.


Okay, so I finally figured out the problem, and it was pretty simple to fix. After reading some more about how Chrome works, I found out that some iframes and scripts can block requests to some external servers. Some of my front page and contact scripts were blocking a request to my server that I needed to make in order to do the page layout. When that block was removed, the request went through and everything worked.

Norman Bates isn’t just a handsome creep in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho.” The character was actually based on the director’s real-life brother-in-law, Michael Curtiz. And this new theory suggests that’s what inspired Hitchcock to make his most famous movie.

It’s believed that Psycho was the original idea for this new analysis, compiled by Charles Willis, an English professor at the University of London:

The theory is detailed in this article that also lays out the evidence for the case:

It’s fascinating, and we’re sure that lots of people will be fascinated with it. What do you think?

For more details on the history of Psycho and its connection to the real-life story behind the movie, check out this AP article.

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Chances to back away disaster

For a certain amount of time, I’ve been witnessing a pattern which is:

Player with d10 character fails their roll, and go berserk
I step in and tell the players